All ideas that change the world start in the same way: with expert start-up consulting in intellectual property rights.

— Dr. rer. nat. Maximilian Knaus, expert in start-up consulting

Lending company founders a helping hand – our start-up consulting

New business ideas call for courage. As experienced consultants, we want to give you the backup you need and provide you with the best possible protection. It is particularly important for start-ups to make use of the numerous opportunities presented by property rights to have ideas patented and inventions protected. After all, these are the foundations on which a company is founded, and doing so makes it easier to find investors and financing partners.

With our start-up consulting, we will help you through all phases of the protection of industrial property rights, from successfully establishing your company and protecting your business ideas to defending your rights on the market. That way, you can turn your invention into a real competitive advantage.

In addition to a free initial consultation with Dr. rer. nat. Maximilian Knaus, our expert in start-up consulting, we offer a special start-up program: WSL-Innovation. Through WSL-Innovation, we will help you to devise the perfect strategy for property rights for your growing company. The program also includes a special pricing structure tailored specifically to new companies. Participate at WSL-Innovation and reap the benefits of our custom-made consulting!

Key areas

Our start-up consulting covers the following key areas:

Areas of activity

Our technical and professional expertise make us an ideal partner with all the right credentials to assist you with all legal matters relating to start-ups. We cover a wide range of areas of activity in which we can patent and protect your ideas:

Design Patent

Track Record

NUVI Releaf GmbH – a start-up consulting case study

In the process of establishing this company, which manufactures a plant-based alternative to leather, we provided a dependable helping hand throughout all phases and ensured comprehensive protection for the innovative idea.

Our partnership with WSL was exceptional. I felt like I was getting expert advice at every point of the process

Nina Rössler, managing director of NUVI Releaf GmbH

Services for start-ups

Start-up consulting holds a special significance for us, because it is about the future of your business.

When it comes to setting the ideal course for your future, we'll be there to provide a full range of expert assistance, particularly with the following services:

  • Customized consulting on protecting inventions and ideas in Germany, Europe and the entire world
  • Safeguarding your business idea by activating property rights such as applying for patents and utility models, trademarks and registered designs
  • Providing strategic consulting and building up an portfolio of property rights
  • IP Due Diligence
  • Consulting on antitrust law
  • Providing support for contract negotiations and drawing up licensing, cooperation or development contracts
  • Managing your portfolio of property rights

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