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Whether you're a solo inventor, an IP manager, the CEO of a family-owned SME or an Investor , we always offer customized services to help you succeed.

IP managers, IP counsels and research directors

As an IP manager, IP counsel or research director, you coordinate the activities of your company with regard to patents, trademarks and designs and have considerable influence over your company's strategy for property rights.

We will help you not only to improve your competitive position by applying for and defending property rights such as patents, utility models or trademarks but also by bringing our comprehensive monitoring to bear to assist you in identifying sensitive third-party property rights at an early stage.

Careful, targeted monitoring of property rights for patents, trademarks and designs will help you to spot key areas of future development on the market. That will help you to avoid spending money on duplicated developments and enable you to identify particularly promising trends early on (through "white spot" analysis). That way, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

If you do end up coming into conflict with rivals, you can count on our professional and strategic guidance in administrative and court proceedings. We will always seek the best financial outcome for you and make use of out-of-court methods such as arbitration or licensing negotiations.

Applying for and maintaining patents and the like comes at a price. A long-term IP strategy therefore also means thinking about a cost–benefit analysis of property rights. That's why with our consulting, we keep the financial potential of your ideas in mind at all times. That way, you can make the best possible use of the IP budget at your disposal to improve the value of your company.

Solo inventors and start-ups

Do you have a brilliant idea, an engaging brand or an extraordinary design? To make a financial success of your start-up, you should first devise a business case.

The first question you should always ask yourself is whether there is already any third-party intellectual property that would limit your freedom to operate. With our research into third-party rights, we will help you to avert potential conflicts with third parties so that your project can be continued with as much legal certainty as possible.

Maximum freedom to operate is a crucial aspect of entering any market. However, you also need protection against third parties adapting your idea and causing you to lose your unique selling proposition (USP). We will therefore provide you with advice on matters such as which property rights are best for you and the ideal time to apply. In addition, we will always find the solution that suits the financial means available to you. That ensures that IP costs will not become a burden on your nascent company.

When potential investors are assessing the value of a company, its situation in terms of property rights is always a crucial aspect of their deliberations. Accordingly, we will not only help you to build up and defend your portfolio, but we will also actively assist you in making it something that investors would want to acquire, if you so desire.


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CEOs and senior executives

CEOs and senior executives, particularly those of small and medium-sized enterprises, often deal with IP management themselves due to how supremely important innovation is at their companies. Given their many other responsibilities, this can be a major addition to an already heavy workload.

That's why we will be glad to work hand in hand with you and free up time for you to get on with your day-to-day work while we take care of applying for, tracking and enforcing property rights. We will also help you to make the right strategic decisions about the protection of industrial property rights.

That means we will point out the risks and benefits to you, assess your competitive situation and help you to define a reasonable IP budget. The information that we provide will always be clearly structured and easy to understand, and we will always give you a customized recommendation for what to do next based on our comprehensive experience. As a result, you can focus on the essential aspects of your IP strategy and free up precious time for managing your company.


Every sustainable investment requires a comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and risks involved. To evaluate whether a new company's innovative idea can be transformed into a financially viable undertaking, you need answers to the crucial questions of protecting your own rights and the existence of property rights of competitors.

We will give you clear assessments of the situation regarding your property rights and possible conflicts with third-party rights. Based on that, we can work together to draw up a financial analysis of the situation regarding property rights and thus give you the best possible support for your due diligence.