Colorful building blocks

Expertise rooted in experience

For more than 70 years, we have been a dependable partner in the field of protection of industrial property rights for numerous German and international clients, ranging from solo inventors and start-ups to small and medium-sized family businesses as well as multinational corporations.

Our Know-how

Customized technical consulting

Thanks to our experience and our continuous training, as well as our forward-looking mindset and passion for innovation, we offer comprehensive consulting on patents and utility models at any time, tailored to suit your needs and in line with the very highest professional standards. Given our wide-ranging technical background, we cover all key scientific and technical fields.

Focus on legal disputes

In complex legal disputes in particular, we have been fighting for our clients for decades, successfully securing the best possible protection for their ideas and effectively defending them against attacks by third parties.

Creative consulting for creative ideas

Our extensive expertise in patent prosecution and legal disputes makes us extremely effective in other areas pertaining to the protection of industrial property rights as well. Just as your ideas are unique and creative, so is our consulting in trademark, registered design and Internet domain law.

Worldwide protection for your ideas

Your ideas are not bound by national borders, and neither are we. Thanks to a network of partner firms that we have built up all over the world over more than 70 years, we can also represent your legal interests on a global stage. That way, you can gain protection exactly where you need it.

Our approach

We safeguard your ideas with expertise, creativity and a clear strategy to make sure your innovation and pioneering spirit pay off. That's how we help you to succeed.

We are constantly working to improve and to optimize our processes so that we can offer our clients the best possible services at all times. Building on steady growth, we continue to move with the times with efficient and sustainable methods. Not only do we protect the innovations of our clients, but we also work tirelessly to advance our own ideas.

Our aspiration

The aspiration that we set for ourselves is to accompany you as our partner and to give you the best possible support throughout the entire lifecycle of your innovations and beyond.

Exceptional specialist knowledge, superb quality, absolute reliability and honesty as well as the latest tools are the key building blocks that we use to help you succeed.

Paperless office, high standards for information security and comprehensive quality management mean that our processes are always ahead of the curve, just like your ideas.

That means that we can work extremely efficiently and offer you tailor-made solutions to your problems. That way, you can concentrate on your own core areas of expertise and let your innovations conquer the market.

Our mission

We make sure your creative and technical ideas are forged into financial success.

Team WSl

Success through joint commitment.

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Our unique selling proposition (USP)

We give your luck a helping hand - this is our “happiness” hormone for your success!

About us - what makes us special


We are a law firm with a long history.

Our patent law firm was founded in Berlin by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Willrath. It has been based in Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse, since 1949.

Historic building, symbol of the history of WSL patent attorneys

Pivotal roles in the continued successful development of the firm were played by the patent attorneys whose initials gave the company its name: Dr. Dieter Weber (until 2006), Klaus Seiffert (until 2009) and Dr. Winfried Lieke (until 2019). Our partnership currently comprises eight patent attorneys: Dr. Matthias Achler, Dr. Oliver Hartkorn, Dr. Jan Hiort, Dr. Maximilian Knaus, Dr. Manfred Köppen, Dr. Cornelia Müller, Dr. Karsten Siebert and Dr. Roland Weber.

By steadily training further patent attorneys with the utmost care, we are not only securing the future of the firm but also ensuring that we can continue to offer our clients first-class support.